Malaga - Andalusia


max 8 tickets per event

Main Speaker

Hans Comyn + guests


You will get a glimpse and experience a life fully lived in the Spanish sun. You will grow as a man. You will know what to focus on next in your dealings with women. You will know how to attract beautiful women. You will experience abundance. You will have a better understanding of women. You will learn the practical ways to approach, date and have relationships with women. You will feel you have what it takes. You will wake up to the beauty and opportunities of life. You will connect with like-minded people, for life. You will know what it takes to have quality relationships, to love yourself more, and to live a life full of success, romance, adventure, and intimacy.

What is The Artery / The Artery is the brainchild of Hans Comyn.

the Artery is a co-created learning community gathered around the issues of love, romance and seduction, raising and self-culling experience-based questions and contributions of seekers, lovers of life and aspirers to more magnificence, separating the givers from the takers, the meaning from the info, and the concerns from the knowledge – to bring you and bring you into ‘things’ you have always been interested in but never took enough time to explore in depth.

We have gathered a network of resources — people, concerns, stories, ideas, perspectives — by being insatiably curious in the issues of love, romance and seduction, and have mediated, facilitated and curated the people and their pieces into a public space on the premises of love, romance and seduction, for you to tap into and contribute to; because the encounters you make with that space enrich your mental and manifested pool of resources and empower you to design and express your authentic approach to love, romance and seduction.

In order for us to share and contribute to ‘love’, we have to gather and connect all the concerned parties, to cross-pollinate pieces from a wealth of cultures, disciplines and perspectives, so every-body feels heard, seen and felt.
So everybody wants to contribute. So everybody can feel alive.

Cause the more we contribute, the more love, romance and seduction grows.

This way, we will save our relationships (including the one with ourselves), our marriages, our families, our tribes and our communities.

4-Day Event in Malaga / by The Artery

Catalina L


Hammam Andaluz Malaga

SPA & Massage & Check-Out.

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You pay 50 percent now to reserve your seat, and the other 50 percent is payed (at the latest) 2 weeks before the beginning of your course. Your seat reservation fee is non refundable. If you have any special inquiries, do not hesitate to ask. You can contact us via email (
Quality relationships are the #1 predictor of your happiness and health. Like travel, all resources (focus, money, time, energy..) you spend on the matter, will come back manifold. This is an investment into yourself and into your relationships. Because of it, you will become healthier and happier.
Housing and food are included. You will live with the other participants but you will have your private room, and your (vegan) food will be prepared by our cook who will be in charge of the breakfast, lunch and dinner. We want to give you a glimpse of how a healthy life can look like. If you do not want to eat vegan, you have access to meat in the city. We plan for morning and evening activities: exercise in the morning (bring your running shoes), and several evening activities (bring a shirt, jacket and dress shoes). All apartments are located in the center of Malaga so all amenities and necessities will always be close by. Once at the airport, we will pick you up and take you to your flat, we will have it all covered.
This four-day event engages participants in a facilitated group experience… ... Come away for a four days and four nights in Malaga, and let this wonderful city take you on a trip that will be both eventful and enlightening. It will be experiential, you will dive deep into your self, and come away with a clear idea of what is next for you....The package includes pickup to and from the airport, accommodation, breakfast, lunch & dinner in combination with special experiences involving planned nights out, SPA & relaxing moments for the body as well as the mind combined with dining and party in the city center of Costa del Sol. Seminar, housing, food, massages. Organization of evening activities are on us - entry fees and drinks are not included.  
Get a glimpse of a healthy life in the sun. Learn how to be a magnetic man. How to attract beautiful women. Feel abundance. Understand women better. To learn and know you have what it takes to approach, date and have relationships with women. To wake up to the possibilities of life. To know how to have quality relationships. To learn how to love yourself. To live a life full of intimacy, romance, adventure and success.

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